LLM Bias

Corpus2Learn4Children is a toy educational app using language models to convert a document to slides for a 10-year old to learn from.

The app leverages endpoints in Cohere’s API (specifically /generate and /embed) to turn an input document (from the Wikipedia corpus or raw user input) into markdown slides designed to teach the content to a 10-year-old. Note that no safety features have been added to make assurances about the content. For instance, one could use a classifier to determine if the text is appropriate for a 10-year-old.

Note that this is intended as an MVP of a possible gamified learning system. Possible extensions include more complex and interactive activities, front-end improvements, and dynamic content generation based on user preferences.

Kasra Lekan
Kasra Lekan
Master’s Student

My research interests include natural language processing, human-AI interaction, and modelling complex systems.